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Chill out with us for the 9th of November, Alilia Rooftop

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Cyberattacks are increasing rapidly across emerging economies, in terms of volume and complexity, where incident response units

Are pushing  their limit, in terms of time, skill, and resources, to obtain actionable measures at the right time to avoid such incidents.


At the  same time,  organizations are encountering an unparalleled number of security threats and risks with increasing employees,

customers, and partners, thereby  embracing new trends and innovations through digital transformation. 

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Rsvp via audi or olivia via WA +62 818102085

  • ICION 2022, Wiser Patient Versatile

Graph is Transforming Businesses, Top Trends in Data & Analytics

An Indonesian CIO Network conceptualized a virtual round table supported by TigerGraph

Background :

In a recent report, Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends That Will Change Your Business, Gartner Research identified graph database and analytics as a key technology. Gartner forecasts that “Graph analytics will grow in the next few years due to the need to ask complex questions across complex data, which is not always practical or even possible at scale using SQL queries.”

This round table focuses on discussing trends in graph databases and possible use cases local to Indonesia and use cases of graphs globally


Thought Leaders in AI & Data Analytics, CXOs/Directors/VPs/Senior Managers whom want to share and learn about the relevance of Graph Databases to businesses

Join us for this round table via exclusive invite-only via this page link:

or contact us via +62 878 8342 2242 (Audi) or +62818 102085

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