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Chill out with us for the 9th of November, Alilia Rooftop

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Cyberattacks are increasing rapidly across emerging economies, in terms of volume and complexity, where incident response units

Are pushing  their limit, in terms of time, skill, and resources, to obtain actionable measures at the right time to avoid such incidents.


At the  same time,  organizations are encountering an unparalleled number of security threats and risks with increasing employees,

customers, and partners, thereby  embracing new trends and innovations through digital transformation. 

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Fortifying Business with Zero Trust Security

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Date : 18 January,2022, start at 2:30 pm ID Time. Ends max at 4:00pm


Digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way modern businesses operate. Your employees are on the internet now more than they are on the network, accessing applications and data from everywhere. Sensitive business data has become more distributed, residing outside the corporate perimeter in SaaS applications, such as Microsoft 365, and private applications in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The process of digital transformation improves business agility and information flow, but the security strategy is critical. Traditional security architectures, which focused on protecting the network, are no longer effective in this new reality, as they dramatically expand the attack surface and expose your business to new threats. Protecting your business and retaining the benefits of digital transformation requires pivoting to a zero-trust security model delivered through the cloud, closer to where your users and business assets are. Zero trust provides the foundation for cloud-first organizations to accelerate digital transformation and empower employees to work productively and securely from anywhere. Join this webinar to understand the key items needed to implement a true zero trust architecture and the best way to deploy it to securely accelerate your digital transformation. We will be discussing how you can minimize the risks of a network-based security approach with zero trust.

Self register through this zoom invite link here : Webinar Registration -


This webinar aims to share discuss & educate on the key advantages of applying a cloud-native best in class Zero Trust model that scales

330pm: Opening by ICION keynote speaker

340pm: Zero Trust in 2022 – Leaving legacy security behind - by Lee Dolsen, Chief Architect Zscaler

400pm: Panel Session: Fortifying Business with Zero Trust Security

450pm: Questions from the floor

500pm: End of Webinar

Audience Type: Welcome for all, ICION shows are designed in particular for the below types:

Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Security Officer, Chief Security Information Officer, VP of Infrastructure, VP of Network, VP of Security

Our goal is to explain cybersecurity in a language easy for all to understand

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